Sunday, June 24, 2012

The Top 10 Sexiest Female Politicians In The World

It seems this year in politics is all about women. We had one who nearly became the Democratic nominee, one who is the Republican VP nominee and possibly a heartbeat away from the presidency. Women are the hot topic in politics, but are they hot? Earlier in the primaries, Jack Nicholson recorded a commercial in favor Hillary Clinton and used a quote from one of his movies where he said “There is nothing on this earth sexier, believe me gentleman, than a woman that you have to salute in the morning.” With that, here are 10 of the world's sexiest female politicians.
10. Sitrida Geagea
Sitrida Geagea is a Lebanese politician renowned for her beauty and a media favorite in Lebanon. She is from a wealthy, prominent Lebanese family. While at University, she met and married Samir Farid Geagea, the leader of the right wing Lebanese Forces (LF) political party. When Samir was imprisoned for 11 years for political reasons after the Lebanese Civil war, Sitrida led LF. Being kept away from Sitrida for 11 years is quite a sentence.
9. Hillary Clinton
Hillary Clinton is the lady that nearly made it to the White House on her own accord. That takes balls. This is one female politician people either love or hate. She clearly isn't the most attractive female politician in the world, and SNL even call her a flurge. That said, you have to respect her tenacity, gustiness and those 18 million cracks. No matter who wins this year's election she'll still be one of the most powerful politicians in American, and power is damn sexy!
8. Belinda Stronach
Belinda Stronach is a member of the Canadian Parliament and a bombshell to boot. She is the daughter of a wealthy auto parts manufacture and a respected business woman herself. In 2001 the National Post named her "the most powerful business woman in Canada". Her entry into politics has not been smooth - she's switched parties, made mistakes and had her head Photoshopped onto someone else body. The twice married mother of two has a long history of dating or having affairs with Hockey players. When asked about her personal life she retorted "Let's face it. I don't sit at home and knit on Friday nights." This is my kind of politician.
7. Julia Gillard
Julia Gillard ain't no oil painting, but she is the Deputy Prime Minister of Australia and Australians love her (and Australians usually have pretty good taste). The red headed power house has a kick wit, a way with words and has been dubbed "sexy" by the Australian press. Last year she came in behind former Miss Universe Jenifer Hawkins as the number two sexiest woman in the country by men's magazine Ralph. The magazine then offered her $50,000 to pose in a bikini, which she declined.. Australia has either run out of beautiful women, or Julia's power has gone to there head.

Friday, June 22, 2012

Coco Austin | Wears Zebra Print String Bikini

Coco Austin can barely contain her assets as she runs on the beach in zebra print string bikini.
Coco Austin possess one of those rare bodies where you don't really know where to look first.
And there was a lot to digest on the blonde model's latest jaunt on a New Jersey beach, as she jiggled along the sands bouncing her infamous curves and trying to emulate the Baywatch run.
Dressed in a zebra print bikini, that appeared to be child's size, Coco threatened to spill from the bra.
Reality TV star, Coco enjoys a stroll on beach with her English Bull Dogs - Making his first appearance is Maximus - The son of Spartacus her original dog
Reality TV star, Coco enjoys a stroll on beach with her English Bull Dogs - Making his first appearance is Maximus - The son of Spartacus her original dog

Thursday, June 21, 2012

Jessica Lowndes | Gives Her Best Marilyn Monroe Impression

Jessica Lowndes Gives Her Best Marilyn Monroe Impression — Jessica Lowndes, who still looks like a watered-down version of Megan Fox, giving everyone a watered-down version of that famous Marilyn Monroe scene while on the set of '90210'. Ok, You have to admit that her accidental leg show is pretty damn hot. Enjoy!

Friday, April 13, 2012

Lindsay Lohan Love Magazine Photoshoot

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Here is the naughty version of Lindsay Lohan looking bodacious and showing off some mad cleavage for the newest issue from Love Magazine. 

Katy Perry looking so uber-sexy you’ll squirm

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