Friday, April 18, 2014

Can you feel Sara Sampaio killing you softly?

Oh my God! My favorite Portuguese supermodel, the lovely Sara Sampaio, has returned and is teasing the hell out of me and unleashing a drop dead sexy mix of killer cleavage, legs, and all the rest of her screaming hot curves in a breathtaking swimwear shoot for the latest collection from Calzedonia. Gosh, I’m pretty speechless right now and I don’t even know if I can find the right words to describe what I’m seeing here. Oh, yes I can: ultra sexy!
This day is not quite over, but I feel like I am. I’m running on fumes and my favorite Portuguese supermodel isn’t planning on helping me out; oh, no! The lovely Sara Sampaio is killing me softly with her drop dead sexy little self. She’s looking so freaking sweet it hurts, oozing cuteness and easily melting me into a puddle. Well, not quite, since such uber hotness could not go by without being praised, now could it?

I totally dig this peach, especially when she’s showing off her groovy little curves in skimpy lingerie, but good God, if there’s one thing hotter than Sara in lingerie, it’s definitely this girl in a couple of sexy bikinis in an exotic location. That’s how I picture my dream vacation right now, this girl, that location and any of these bikinis. Sara Sampaio is so foxy, there’s no way to put in words how much she excites me. You’re probably going to zoom on every single inch of her temptress body, like I have been doing for the past hours, so let’s quit wasting characters and give my keyboard a rest for the day. As Michael would put it: Can you feel it?! Enjooooy!

Thursday, July 26, 2012

Candice Swanepoel jumps into fancy lingerie once again

Alright mates, sorry to say this but.. this is actually the last post of the week ’cause we’re going to take short vacation ’till Tuesday, but hey, don’t be upset, because my future wife, the uber sweet Candice Swanepoel, is here to make your day. Here’s the hottest girl on the planet (in our opinion) unleashing her ridiculously sexy body in a brand new lingerie photoshoot from Victoria’s Secret.
Was that a collective “hell yeah” I just heard? I’m pretty sure it was.. I absolutely adore this girl from head to toe, and right back up again and, judging by the views, shares, and many, many emails we’ve received from some of you guys, I’m pretty sure you’re all over Candice and her groovy little body as well.
I can’t say anything else about this girl that hasn’t been said already so.. sit back, relax and enjoy these drool inducing lingerie shots of the sexiest girl on the planet right now. Cheers and have a great weekend !!!